The MOST EnJOYABLE thing: creating a project from scratch. Being able to create a concept for a brand and to materialise all its values it in a simple-and-clean visual identity is a unique process. However, most of the times clients come with an idea in mind already, or with a project already started. and that is ok, too.

For those who come without an idea of what they are creating, Vokuro has Coaching services to get the best out of our clients and then, as a balance between our expertise and the needs of the project, the solution is born.

Starting from the essence of the project, then an itinerary is designed: this route could start with “only copywriting”, for example, and then be transformed into graphic design and/or designing the website for the project.

Vokuro’s vision is to make the clients awaken their creativity so that they can be an active part of the deliverables. Engagement with the creative process is required.

You can get in touch and start building your project now!

VOKURO will help you to:


01. Explore your ocean (getting to know the essence of your project)

02. Exhale your potential (making tangible products out of  intangible ideas)

03. Expand your horizon (communicating your project to the world)


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